Consulting for Japan market entry
Operational assistance in Australia market
Business advisory (SME firms)
Non-executive director
Technical translation (Japanese - English)

Profile - Current 2008 - 2011

Decision Japan is a consulting business based in Sydney, providing market development services for clients in both Australia and Japan.

Founder Anita Byrnes has special expertise in Japan, and can offer a wide-range of services concerning that market, both individually and through her business network.

As an accredited associate of the Institute of Independent Business (AInstIB) she provides assistance to help particularly SME clients grow their business, again both individually and via the IIB network of experts and experienced professionals.

Anita is a NAATI-accredited translator at the professional level, Japanese to English, with particular experience in technical translation.

Finally with experience as a non-executive director in the Chamber of Commerce and community organization field, she is actively seeking additional directorships.

History 1987 - 2007

Decision Japan's story begins in 1987 when Anita Byrnes founded a market entry and IT consulting company, in Tokyo. Early projects included the introduction of bi-lingual personal computers to the Australian Trade Office in Tokyo, while at the same time she was a writer and researcher on the Japanese computer industry.

Decision Japan was incorporated as a Japanese limited liability company (kabushiki kaisha) in September 1988. One of the company's earliest market entry projects, a distributor search for an Australian software company with an innovative software package in the naval architecture field, initiated Decision Japan's entry into what became its major business. From 1990 until 2007 Decision Japan was a distributor of software developed in Australia, U.S. and Germany, to corporate users in Japan's technical application markets.

We watched the Japanese computer market change from one dominated by custom-built software running on proprietary mainframes and PCs, a market that was in effect closed to newcomers, to one of the most open and technologically advanced in the world. Open in the sense that almost all proprietary hardware has disappeared to be replaced by industry standard personal computers and servers. Technologically advanced and a world leader in some areas, notably consumer oriented fields such as mobile phones, and in animation and games, but not necessarily in creative software development for specific niche markets. It is this area of operation in which Decision Japan focused and excelled.

Decision Japan was also the representative of patent search and information company, RWS Information, the intellectual property information services arm of Europe's largest IP services company, RWS Group Plc. In this role, we also developed the Japanese market for a jointly-developed patent search database, PatBase.

During 2007, the software distribution business of Decision Japan was transferred to Forum8 Co. Ltd and the patent search/patent database business to RWS Group subsidiary KK RWS Group. Anita Byrnes relocated to Australia.

Decision Japan and its management and staff are proud to have contributed to the business of its valued clients, the users of technical software in Japan, and to the growth of the developers whom we represented over the years.

Corporate Auditor

Kiyoshi Sugai, Sugai Accounting Office